PYHOF: Sex ,Chocolate and M.O.N.E.Y. with The 1975


Bands come and go. It’s one thing that we, music listeners have to accept. It’s a good thing, really. We get to enjoy new music. Here’s a taste of new pop rock from the lads of The 1975. Put your headphones on now and sink into the synth and riff.

This band has 4 digits in their name and more than enough reasons to make you listen. The 1975 is now blasting the airwaves internationally after charming the pants out of fans and giving a breath of fresh air to serious audiophiles.

Photos via The 1975

With edgy tunes, attitudes and on stage persona, the quartet became easy favourites for listeners who are looking for new faces and fresh songs on the radio. English all throughout, the lads of The 1975 have that certain mix of influences to go about in their sounds – borrowing synth tinges from techno sensibilities and the rocking guitar, pumping drums and a cool bass line from pop rock roots.

The City by The 1975
Girls by The 1975
Sex by The 1975
Robbers by The 1975
Chocolate by The 1975
M.O.N.E.Y. by The 1975

The 1975 by Put Your Headphones on Fridays on Grooveshark

1975 may be decades back but the band is definitely young blood eager to portray the different stages of youth with their distinctively familiar style and flavor.

Video via YouTube

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