Decorate Your Diana Mini with Fabric

2013-12-27 2

See all those Diana Minis decorated with colorful fabrics on the Online Shop but you already own one? Here’s how you can decorate your own Diana Mini with your favorite fabric or pattern!

Are you having a lot of fun taking photos with your Diana Mini? Why not make it even more fun by decorating your own personal Diana mini! I’ll show you how.

What you will need:

  • Diana mini ( or any camera really)
  • A piece of fabric (Any color, pattern or texture)
  • Water-based glue or sealer ( I used Mod Podge)
  • A small brush ( Preferably a foam brush but any kind of brush will do)
  • Scissors

1. Okay, now you are ready to start! First, measure your Diana Mini. My measurements were: 3.5cm x 4.3 cm for the left and right front and4 x 10.9cm for the back. My measurements were a little big but it’s better that way so you can trim them off.

2. Now, find the area on your fabric that you want and mark on the back with a ruler and a light marker.

3.Cut the fabric following the markings you made.

4. Paste them onto your Diana Mini and trim the edges accordingly so they fit perfectly on your Diana mini.

5. Now we are ready to put them together! First apply a generous layer of glue on your Diana mini. Note: remember to work on this one side at a time, I did the back first then I did the front a few hours later. You can even take the back off and do the front and back separately. I had film in my mini so I could not remove the back.

6. After you put a layer of glue on, put your fabric on top and gently smooth it with your finger. Make sure all the edges and corners are glued on. Don’t worry about having glue going over the side or edge, the glue with come right off if you wipe it with a tissue or napkin. Or simply scrape it off after it dries.

7. Now wait for 2-3 minutes, then apply another generous layer of glue on the fabric.

8. Wait for a few hours or let it stand overnight to dry. After it dries, do the other side!

This is the result:

The fabric completely stuck to my Diana mini and it looked perfect. It looked like it was manufactured this way.

The result was great and now, I love my Diana Mini even more! Now I have my own version of Diana Mini- Superman. Surprisingly, the original texture of the Diana Mini was retained and I still get that nice grip feeling.

Liked this tipster? You can try it, too! Let me know how your decoration project works out!

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  1. piercarlot
    piercarlot ·

    i have a question:
    What type of paper did you use?
    for ex. gift paper or other...

  2. philip0723
    philip0723 ·

    I used fabric, but you could use any paper

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