Live Outdoors with the Lomo Aqua Pix


The Lomo Aqua Pix is a powerful underwater camera that comes in a cheap price. But what happens when you remove its outer shell and put it to use above water? Outdoor living is exceptional when accompanied by this little camera!

A common misconception about film cameras is that if they don’t cost a lot or aren’t made out of the highest grade materials, then they won’t take a good photo. I think that the Lomo Aqua Pix does a brilliant job at proving that statement as a myth. Load it with some 35mm film and go outdoors! Don’t just look at nature from inside your house, get out there and experience it with this great plastic camera!

Credits: ajagee24701

Now that you’re outdoors, go ahead and start taking photos. Of what? Anything! There are lots of things to capture on film in nature. The best part is that the subjects usually don’t move around a lot… not that the Lomo Aqua Pix has a problem with that, anyway. It has a snappy fast fixed shutter speed that makes it great for capturing moments as they happen. Just throw all preconceived notions to the wind and enjoy this camera. When you start snapping photos with it, you will quickly realize how simple it really is. This is a camera that wasn’t made to be confusing and complex; it literally just takes a photo. What more could a person ask for?

Credits: ajagee24701

The day I took those photos was a little overcast, so you can just imagine how brilliant the photos will turn out when the sun is shining brightly! My favorite thing about this camera is how lightweight it is, as well as the occasional light leaks that add extra bursts of color to the photos. Don’t go outdoors without the Lomo Aqua Pix!

written by ajagee24701 on 2013-10-12 #gear #review #sun #sunny #outdoors #outdoor #aqua #lomo-aqua-pix

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