The Kodak 1 and the Very First Amateur Photos

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For old photos, more often than not, the pictures were commissioned and usually involved hours of portrait sittings. With the introduction of the Kodak 1, it brought semi-affordable photography to the people for the very first time. Here’s the very first amateur photos that were taken with it!

Photo from National Media Museum

The Kodak 1, pictured above, is a simple machine. Introduced in 1888, each Kodak 1 contained a roll of film with 100 exposures. Once you were done shooting, you have to send the camera back to Kodak so that they can process and develop the film, then they will give you back the camera with another 100 frames.

This was a time where photography was reserved for the rich and members of high society. The introduction of the Kodak Box and Kodak 1 broke down boundaries and paved the way for the general public to know how it feels to be behind the lens. Here are a couple of the first few shots taken with this iconic camera. Enjoy!

Photos from National Media Museum

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    It would be quite cool if someone ressurected these, perhaps just like a regular modern disposable but still giving you the round pictures in black and white, nice article :)

  2. tugcep
    tugcep ·

    Always, old things are very important and will be..
    Nice article,too :)

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