Wanderlust: Photographing Through Your Car Window


Your adventure doesn’t start and end in your destination. That’s why you should always hold on to your camera even if you’re just sitting in a moving car on the way to the beach.

Say, you’re going to the beach—or whatever nice faraway land. You’re probably already eager to take your camera out to snap photos of the gorgeous sunset and the little children frolicking by the sandy shores. Your mind is so set to photograph all those wonderful scenery and you just can’t wait to get there.

Now don’t be impatient while on the road, because the fun doesn’t start (nor stop) when you get to the beach. Don’t forget the scenery outside your car window!

You can capture the sunset even just through your car window.

Whenever I’m in a moving car, I watch the scenery pass by through the window as though it was a movie. I look outside and see beautiful moving images. And it’s always nifty to have your camera within your reach because photographing through the window can be quite fun!

Sure, it can be challenging especially when you’re on a highway since the camera can get unsteady (if you can, pack a camera without a fixed shutter speed or a camera with a fast one!). If there are places where you can pull over, don’t hesitate to take a quick snapshot. Personally, though, I find that the best way to enjoy this is to just snap at the window even when the car is moving!

When you’re in the city, you get to photograph structures.

Credits: in-the-sky

You can photograph the grassy lot by the road…

Credits: in-the-sky

…or actually just anything you see outside.

Credits: in-the-sky

I also like photographing through the windshield.

Credits: in-the-sky

Lastly, check out some black and white panoramic shots below! They’re all taken through the window while on a moving car.

First photo was taken on the way to a cemetery in the province. Second photo was taken on my way home from the beach. Last photo was taken along the express way.

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