Then and Now: Skate Photography in Film


Kicking heelflips, grinding on tubes and crashing – all in a day’s work in the lives of skateboarders. How else can we see those motion art without an extra pair of eyes with the help of a shutter button and camera lens. See then and now photographs of the skateboarding scene after the jump.

Skateboarding has been around since its great surfacing in the 1970s and maybe nothing has really changed. Well, that’s with regards to the down right cool vibe of the sport that was made famous by the shirtless long haired boys of Dogtown.

Photos by Craig Fineman via Slate

Craig Fineman gave us the first real view of the skateboarding scene in the 70s with his unique angles and perfect composition to capture the fast paced action of kids criss-crossing around in empty swimming pools. It was skateboarding photography at its finest. Fineman’s photography gave the world the view inside the sanctum of these rowdy, asphalt scraping kids. It lent a perspective to non-skaters as to what the sport really was.

Photos by Brittain via United Skateboarding Photography Project

Fast forward to the future, skateboarding and the people that make it a household name are still relevant topics in photography. The dynamic sport is now being fitted with photography styles to match. *Grant Brittain* is one of the younger kids during the start of the skate revolution. Now, he’s one of the more modern skate photographers that took pictures of the younger kids blazing and amazing people on their boards. His photography takes on a new perspective but still reminiscent of old school skate photography.

All information used in this article were sourced from Slate, United Skateboarding Photography Project.

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