Top Five Illustrated Posters of Movies From the 2000s


Now here’s something we don’t get to see often!

Back in the day, movie posters used to be carefully illustrated by hand and those featuring photographs were the minority. Some artists even rose to prominence because of their fine work, among them were John Alvin (Blade Runner), Richard Amsel (Raiders of the Lost Ark), and Drew Struzan (Star Wars, Back to the Future). However, come the early 90s, hand-drawn posters started to become almost obsolete as artists started to feature photographs of movie scenes or the actors in their work more frequently. These days, the posters we get to see are usually either created in that manner, or have minimalist designs made with the use of computers.

And so for our top five list this week, we’ll be featuring some of best illustrated movie posters we’ve come across the Internet. Note that each film featured here was released only in the last five years!

Photo via Collider

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)
Director: Wes Anderson

*Moonrise Kingdom* is a romantic drama-comedy period film set in 1965 and centers on 12-year old kids Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop. Artist Michael Gaskell painted the poster, while the intricate lettering was by Jessica Hische.

Photo via Ain’t It Cool

The Innkeepers (2011)
Director: Ti West

*The Inkeepers* is a horror film directed by Ti West. The artist credited for this poster was Tom Hodge, who also created the posters for other movies such as the recent Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy-starrer, The Heat.

Photo via Blogspot

Super 8 (2011)
Director: J.J. Abrams

The Steven Spielberg-produced *Super 8* is a sci-fi thriller flick that follows the story of a group of young teens filming a movie via Super 8 and become witnesses when a train mysteriously derails in their town. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear who the artist responsible for creating this wonderful poster was although fingers point to the famous Struzan.

Photo via Film Edge

Watchmen (2009)
Director: Zack Snyder

This was the very first poster for the comic-turned-film *Watchmen* unveiled at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con. It was illustrated by the comic’s artist himself, Dave Gibbon.

Photo via Imp Awards

The Brothers Bloom (2008)
Director: Rian Johnson

Johnson’s cousin Zach Johnson illustrated this alternate poster for *The Brothers Bloom* apparently for free! It was a caper comedy film that starred Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, and Mark Ruffalo.

All information in this article were sourced from Wikipediaposter, Imp Awards, Entertainment Weekly, Empire Online, Booooooom, Watchmen Comic Movie, and / Film.

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