Great Showdowns in Movies Reimagined in Watercolor by Scott Campbell


Confrontations get us sweaty palmed, cringing on the edge of our seats and thickens the tension you can feel it in the air. These are all too familiar feelings that we get when watching films that invoke such powerful emotions.

But artist Scott Campbell or Scott C. made these confrontations such cool interpretations on watercolor and paper. Scott is a comic book illustrator, painter and a game designer. In his recent book Great Showdowns: The Return, he adds more of the hair raising moments of melee and resolve in the history of movies. His playful recreation of the showdowns reflects a child-like visualization of the epic moments in film.

Watercolor paintings by Scott C. via Great Showdowns

The indelible confrontations in the movies are transformed into fun illustrations and lift even the most troubling moments. His watercolor paintings are full of pop culture references that are too familiar to miss.

His creative and light way of depicting even the most iconic showdowns in movies give them a kick that would otherwise lack in the hands of other artists. Scott’s rendition of the Great Showdowns hit just the right amount of cute without being too overtly different from its original counterpart.

You can follow Scott C’s work on his website and see more of his cute showdowns in watercolor.

All information used in this article were sourced from Great Showdowns, FlavorWire.

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