Comparing Film: the LomoChrome Purple, RS50-200 and RS100


Here, I compare the characteristics of the LomoChrome Purple, Redscale 100 and Redscale 50-200 for a model shoot.

I shoot a lot of models – with my camera and I shoot a lot of film. And I found myself wondering, what film would be best at capturing an “alternative” model?

Credits: leolensen

So I checked out my fridge and found three films I’d like to compare to each other: the all new LomoChrome Purple which I had never shot with before, the Lomography Redscale 50-200 which I actually love and use a lot and the Lomography Redscale 100 with which I have had “mixed results” so far.
I decided to try them out on a model I love to work with: Jylke. We picked a place and date, grabbed outfits, film and my trusty Pentacon Six, and off we went!

Credits: leolensen

First off: I love the Lomochrome Purple! I love the way it makes the greens look so alien. The reds keep well, albeit that Jylke’s skin looks a bit too bluish I think. I really think this film works well at giving the photos an alternative mood. I’m looking forward to using it again soon.

As expected, the Redscale 50-200 didn’t disappoint. I use this film a lot, even in the studio. Bodyscapes for instance look great with it. I would hesitate using the Lomochrome Purple in the studio, since there’s usually very little green in there.

The Redscale 100 underperformed. Or did it? I did find that when used as a ISO 50 film it didn’t. So I even learned something!

Credits: leolensen

In the end, I love all three films. Lomochrome Purple I’ll use mostly outside, the RS50-200 is an all round film (inside and outside) and the RS100 is a good studio film.

written by leolensen on 2013-10-12 #gear #review #redscale #purple #models #lomochrome #rs100 #rs50-200


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  1. jonasfx
    jonasfx ·

    hey, good write up! nice comparison of these experimental films :)
    I'm interested though, what iso did you meter by when you shot the redscale xr and lomochrome purple?

  2. leolensen
    leolensen ·

    Hey @jonasfx, I shot at various ISO.

    Lomochrome Purple:
    Mostly 100 or 400 for the Lomochrome. I liked it best at ISO 100 and 200, it's just the best of both worlds, really. But do keep in mind, the sky was overcast. This might not fly on a sunny day (see also my remark on the RS100 below).

    50 to 100 for the RS50-200. The RS50-200 at ISO 200 looks very much like RS100 at ISO 100 (but a little sharper).

    The RS100 can probably best used at ISO 50 (maybe as low as ISO 25, maybe as high as ISO 80) but unless it's really sunny, I would not recommend shooting at ISO 100.

    I hope this helps!

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