Diana F+ Deluxe Kit: Everything and More


So here are the questions: Is it worth it? Are all those accessories useful? I’ll give you all the answers later after the jump.

The first time I saw Lomography cameras was in a big store in Milan. The cameras were all lined up from the simplest and most affordable ones to the more complex cameras. As I went on, I saw this enormous package containing everything you could want to add to your Diana F+. I started to love it but I still had some doubts: mostly about analogue photography and I have to admit, it was a bit pricey for me.

In the following days I found out that it was really cheap if you were planning to buy some accessories with your Diana F+. If you buy a Diana F+, the 35mm back and one or two lenses you’re paying almost similar prices near the cost of the entire Deluxe Kit. Then with the help of piggies I was able to buy the Diana F+ Deluxe Kit and I can say that I couldn’t have done anything better.

Like in the other reviews I did, I won’t review the photos mostly because I don’t have them yet and I prefer to write the whole article as soon as I’ve used the camera and then add the photos in another article later on.

Does it look like a Diana F+ to you?

I was very enthusiastic when the shipment was delivered to me and I opened the kit as a child would do on Christmas. There’s one thing I must say, you must be prepared to free some space to store everything. I didn’t even want to throw away the packaging but there were so many things inside! After a month or so, I happened to figure out new things as the days passed.

Luckily I had some free shelves and they immediately became the “Analogue Shelves.” I have to say that they now have some companions, like an Olympus OM-10, a Konstruktor and a Diana Instant Back.

So now that you’re advised that you need to be prepared to store everything, we can talk about the Deluxe Kit itself. It’s amazing. End of the review. Just kidding but it can summarize the whole thing pretty well. Let’s start by saying that I had only 35mm films so I needed that 35mm Back, and it’s the thing that most disappointed me. The spin to wind the film on camera didn’t want to work with the 35mm Back. But luckily Lomography was aware of the problem and after a few days I fixed it myself and started shooting (they also offered to repair it on their own.)

My main problem with 35mm and Diana F+ are the viewfinders. Since they’re thought for 120 films and will show you a square frame, you can’t always be sure of what you’re shooting. Maybe you could use the frame for square photos on 35mm films provided with the 35mm Back but I haven’t tried it yet.

The “Fisheyeana”

Talking about the lenses, I love them. I never had a (D)SLR with interchangeable lenses so the Diana F+ was the first camera that I can choose what to shoot. I really really love the Fisheye. It’s so strange but it can also offer very beautiful photos (I have an album of different kinds of fish seen through the Fisheye waiting to be developed and published). And other than this you also get two wide-angle lenses and one can be used with another accessory as a Macro lens (15cm).

There’s also the Flash which is fantastic. It has such a strong light that my friends are starting to complain about its brightness. It can even be used with other cameras like my Olympus OM-10. But most importantly it has the Color Gels! They are one of the funniest things and I really like how they completely change the color of light in every situation.

Then we have many more accessories: the Splitzer which can give you amazing shots combined with the Diana F+ multi-exposure capability; the cable release which I have tried with pinhole mode in a starry night. I’ll give you a hint: it worked very well.

Last but not the least, there’s a Telephoto Lens (110mm) that I haven’t tried yet because I still need to figure out how the photos comes out but it looks really promising.

Fifty shades of color?

So if you’re thinking of buying the Diana F+ and you want at least one or two acessories, you should really consider buying the Deluxe Kit. The only things I miss are a Fisheye Splitzer and the boxes which come when you buy the accessories separately because Lomography’s packaging is so beautiful!

Now I’ve just received my Instant Back and I’m looking forward to trying it, and of course, to having my first rolls of Diana F+ photos developed so I can share the fun with you guys!

Enjoy endless dreamy, lo-fi, soft-focused possibilities with the Diana Deluxe Kit! This package includes the Diana F+ camera, Diana+ Lenses, 35mm Back, and Cable Release and Collar for the experimental Lomographer. Grab your own Diana Deluxe Kit now!

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