Midweek Music Video: Home by Gabrielle Aplin


The 20 year old musician and songwriter plainly amazes audiences with her heartfelt songs and down to earth musings. Gabrielle Aplin has gone a long way from her early YouTube performances and covers of popular songs.

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The music video for “Home” starts with Gabrielle Aplin’s journey on the road as she loses her car and other belongings to a crew of thieving youths. Her travel progresses into her musical roots and experiences on the road, meeting people she share laughs and the love of music with. The music video features amazing landscape shots that are reminiscent of the dusty open roads of America – all things western and spans of deserts and orange sunsets.

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It’s also like an ode to old western literature like that of Cormac McCarthy’s epic novel No Country for Old Men. Some shots in the video are a shoutout to some scenes from the movie adaptation, like the wooden paneled motel shot, the dusty highway with the sun glaring and the nightlight neon signs. The disorienting blur of traveling and having no place to call home was a central theme to the treatment of the video. It is at the end that Aplin realizes that what she was longing for, really is interaction with people she shared experiences with.

Video via YouTube

Indeed, home is where the heart is and this video makes you just want to sing along while on the trip to wherever you consider home. The British singer-songwriter is steadily rising to fame with her humble songs that just serenades you to another place with such beautiful lyrics and heartwarming melodies. And that accent, need I say more?

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