Soulful Portraits in Film by Stanislav Liepa

2013-10-09 1

If portrait photography is your cup of tea and you feel that you need some creative inspiration, the works of a Russian photographer will surely motivate you to work on putting more character and soul into your portraiture work.

For a portrait to be considered both impressive and compelling, it should tell something about a person or highlight his/her natural beauty. The film portraits by Russian photographer Stanislav Liepa have achieved this, but I think there’s also something else. I am inclined to believe that each portrait conveys an emotion, character, or trait that we all know or feel, but somehow cannot put into words. For the lack of a better term, I choose to say that his photos simply have soul.

After learning a little about the photographer and his motivations, maybe there’s actually no better way to describe his work other than “soulful.” Working mostly with medium format films and a Mamiya RZ67 Pro, Liepa says he does so to obtain photos that are much closer to the “spirit” of the image that he wants to achieve. He also prefers to work on an intuitive level. “I do not like coming up with ideas in advance, I love to improvise during shooting,” he says on his Flickr profile.

Visit Stanislav Liepa's Flickr Page for more of his impressive portraiture!

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    wow, these are amazing!

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