Hide and Seek: A Series of Vanishing and Emerging Landscape Paintings by Jieun Park

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Artist Jieun Park invokes the emotions she had during her travels and poured them on her paintings depicting a battle between complexity and simplicity. More of her disrupted landscapes after the jump.

Seeing the buildings from atop a high vantage point, *Jieun Park* illustrates the feeling she had during her travels: loneliness stemming from the complex structures that also sparked excitement on her part. Although her paintings are filled with buildings jutting from the ground, she veered away from the community that live within. Solitude is part of her dynamic process even though the overwhelming feeling of being in such a complex city invites clutter otherwise.

Acrylic paintings by Jieun Park via Empty Kingdom

Her painting technique somehow reminds us of double exposure vignettes that tell a story within each unique frame.

With large brush strokes of scratched black and vibrant purples and blue, Park paints a vignette of sorts and breathes a new feel to her almost lonely creations. It’s like peeling off the surface of a painting only to find out that there’s more under the coating. The buildings just vanish and appear at the same time, as if waiting for the strong brush strokes to hide or reveal them at any given moment.

You can see more of Jieun Park’s acrylic paintings on her website.

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