Urban Delights: HONG KONG MAGIC

2013-10-09 2

Big city life can be intense. It can make you feel tiny and insignificant in comparison to the sleek, skyscrapers towering overhead. Sometimes it can feel never-ending, as if there is no escaping the magnitude of it all.

Credits: gocchin

One of our talented, loyal Lomographers gocchin captures this feeling perfectly in his epic album HONG KONG MAGIC.

On the streets of Hong Kong, especially in Central, it’s easy to feel trapped. It’s almost as if the buildings are multiplying right there in front of you. You can let it get to you, or, you can have some fun with it. Just imagine if the buildings really did start sprouting up, and out of other buildings. If one moment you’re sitting in the back of a taxi and suddenly there’s a whole new motorway on top of you and taxis are driving in every direction.

Well, that’s the thought gocchin may have had running through his head when he decided to play around with his LC-A+ and it’s multiple exposure function.

Credits: gocchin

There is something ‘otherworldly’ cool about these photos. Not only do they play on the idea that we live in a constantly ever-changing world, they also give us a chance to stop and appreciate the fact that no matter how big a city we live in, there is still a blue sky up there, and it doesn’t matter how deep in the city you go, if you look up you should be able to catch a glimpse of blue, or a puffy white cloud, and that’s pretty reassuring.

Credits: gocchin

The cityscape might seem to dominate, but actually in Hong Kong the ocean is never too far away, nor are the clouds. You can even trick yourself into seeing more blue by playing around with multiple exposure like gocchin and imagining the sky is chilling in the ocean too.

Credits: gocchin

The next time you find the grind of city life becoming a bit too much, hop on over to gocchin's Lomohome to see how he experiments with combining vastly differing landscapes with cityscapes to create a whole new world where there’s no limit on what scape belongs where!

If you’re as impressed as we are with this album, just wait until you see the rest! Click here to check them out and prepare to be inspired! We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more creative city mash-ups from gocchin.

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  1. gocchin
    gocchin ·

    great article!! thanks!!!

  2. pippilongstockings
    pippilongstockings ·

    thank YOU! your photos are incredible!

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