Rohn Meijer's Trashed and Re-Imagined Negatives


Dutch photographer Rohn Meijer created these hauntingly beautiful images through destruction and experimentation. Find out what he did exactly after the jump!

Photo by Rohn Meijer

We’ve heard of intentionally destroying or dipping your negatives in everything but the kitchen sink. However, Dutch photographer Rohn Meijer took it one step further. Being a fashion photographer by day, he picked through his old negatives from previous shoots and placed them in chemical baths for months at a time. “Sometimes I find that nothing is left because they’ve disintegrated, and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised,” he says. Think of it as a photographic wine of sorts. The question is, does it get better with age?

Information for this article was sourced from Wired. Photos are copyright Rohn Meijer

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