Coming Soon: Analogue Vibes for Digital Lovers - Part 2

2013-10-11 17

If the world was made up of only black, white, and gray, it would probably look so boring. Thanks to prisms, kaleidoscopes, and rainbows, our world is a colorful one! But what if there was so much more color to go around, and you could pick your favorite?

So here’s the second clue. Our new product will let you swaddle the world in an array of colors, and capture every moment in a different hue. Of course you’ve seen the sky blue, but what if it were green? And what if seeing red wasn’t merely an expression? Check out the photos below and see what I’m talking about.

Credits: palkina, pe, horstler, maximum_b, novakmisi, alexlomopilar & dannyedwards

It’s guessing time once again! What do you think will our awesome product be? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

If you want to go back to our first clue, visit this page.

written by jillytanrad on 2013-10-11 #news #colors #analogue-vibes-for-digital-lovers


  1. stratski
    stratski ·

    Colored filters? But whow would that relate to the digital? Hmmm... An analogue back for digital camera's, projecting the image on the LCD screen onto actual film, trough a colored mask. That must be it.

  2. ethanlau0208
    ethanlau0208 ·

    @stratski that's an awesome idea!

  3. dermanu
    dermanu ·

    Or the other way around, a digital sensor that can be put inside ordinary 35mm cams.

  4. wesco
    wesco ·

    Considering all the Instant announcements lately on Lomography, my bet is an Impossible Instant Lab variant which uses the Fuji Instax film instead, to print your smartphone pictures on Instax paper. In the first article the word "instantaneous" is mentioned also. Probably with some colored filters in between to add a Lomo twist to your photos....

  5. jimjimm
    jimjimm ·

    well...i think it is a plastic lens to be fitted on digital cameras...with a rotating dial fitted with different a turret fitted on the lens...the plastic lens will render lomographic effects to photos taken by digital cameras..and the rotating filter dial in front of the lens..will add the color splash.....:)...and maybe effects easy as "dailing' in an lomographic effect with filter of your choice to our digital shots...

  6. stratski
    stratski ·

    @jimjim: Like the Holga iPhone lens filter kit or dslr filter wheel you can get at Photojojo?

  7. jimjimm
    jimjimm ·

    @stratski ....I don't know about Photojojo....but here in Photo Vatika...we have the plastic lens and the filter wheel like a dial...with a Canon or Nikon mount...and besides the filter..the wheel has lomo effects as well...i think this is going to be it...

  8. metobi
    metobi ·

    What if it's just color filters for the Petzval lens?

  9. 4br0k3n3rr0r
    4br0k3n3rr0r ·

    The color wheel thingy for your phone? The Holga lens for the Nikon/Canon?

  10. mrmaart
    mrmaart ·

    i go with @jimjimm. something that's quickly produced since the short notice announcement. and something cheap to sell directly without kickstart & pre-ordering hassle. to give your digital photos an 'analogue twist' by adding color filters in front of your lens, you can capture every moment in a different hue "instantaneously". but if it would be color filters for digital cameras, i'd disappointed...

  11. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    The closest thing to analogue in a digital would be something like a Diana with a Foveon sensor. Would be much too expensive, though!! So, ?????? My vote is a plastic lens with multi color Liquid Crystal filter, for common DSLR's (just Canon and Nikon). Unfortunately, mine's a Sigma.

  12. o_shifrin
    o_shifrin ·

    scanning software?

  13. mirako347
    mirako347 ·

    If it was some sort of film canister that allows your analog camera become a digital camera then it's a cool idea. But the problem is incorporating the effects of analog film.

  14. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    @dermanu that would be amazing! I have been thiking about that idea for a long time now and hoping someone would invent it. it would need to be a super slim sensor and the electronics would have to fit where the 35mm cassette goes.
    fingers crossed!!!!

  15. gilemilio
    gilemilio ·

    Yes Lomography takes more digital products, because somo community of digital history. they are losing vision of what was. ¬¬

  16. neogomo
    neogomo ·

    The hints mention mirrorless and MFT a few times, but maybe it's exactly that, what a mirrorless camera is missing: some kind of semi/translucent mirror-box with added color lights?

  17. neogomo
    neogomo ·

    Or maybe an app which in some ingenious way let people collaboratively generate multi-exposures and other creative stuff over wifi or internet.

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