Snippets and Vignettes: Headphone Party Tonight


Music has always been a great friend and companion. There are just moments that you just want to sink in your seat with closed eyes and the volume up for the total listening experience. It’s a travel on it’s own and you just absorb the thump of the bass, guitar riffs and vocals.

Then you just lose yourself in the whole moment. You bob your head and shake it from left to right. You’re just engulfed in the music and is one with the artist you’re listening to. You get chills up your spine and start singing along. Then you open your eyes and the people on the public transpo are looking at you like you’re a weirdo or something.

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The music made you forget the commute to work or school. They all have these looks on their faces, half smiling and smirking and you realize that you want to literally sink in your seat from the embarrassment. Or you could just keep getting lost in the sound waves and continue the private concert in your head.

Credits: 134340, hanat9651, natalieerachel, madimmi & aka_papu

It’s one of the powers of good music. You just want to get lost and belt it out like Janis Joplin or do a techno pop performance ala David Bowie. That’s what I’ll do on my way home tonight. It’s all in light of my recent frustration to watch The Killers perform live in Manila. It’s going to be a headphone party kind of night.

written by cheeo on 2013-10-08 #music #lifestyle #snippets-and-vignettes

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