Surfing in Portugal


If you are looking for a perfect spot for starting surfing, please make sure to hit the surf spots at the Algarve.

I’ve never tried surfing before in my life but I’ve been snowboarding, and I also love the beach more than the snowy mountains. So, it would have seemed like a logical step, but for some reason it never happened. Luckily, a friend of mine (shout out to Olli!) has been always telling me how great surfing was and that I need to try this out, and that the Luzsurfvillage would be the perfect spot to start. So late in June, I was finally able to make my trip to the promised land of Portugal and this trip was better than I even imagined it to be.

Marco and Chiaro who run the Surfvillage are awesome hosts, and the same goes for our surf teacher who made sure that we were able to learn surfing as good as possible without being in a huge group and by showing us new spots constantly.

We stayed for a week in Portugal and constantly saw new beaches, as well as new spots to surf and to hang out and we had a great time.

Of course, I also packed my cameras and brought an LC-Wide and a Diana F+ along for the ride. I also took a lot of photos with the LC-Wide and Krab Underwater Housing.

Now, sit back, relax, and take a look at the best shots from the trip:

If you ever feel like surfing and having a great time make sure to get in touch with the great staff from the Luzsurfvillage, you won’t regret it!

Visit Luzsurfvillage on Facebook and see all their happenings!

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