Flesh on Flesh: Multiple Exposure Paintings by Shaina Craft

The artist’s brush strokes define the final picture on canvas. Strong lines come alive with every hard swoosh of the brush and the gentle swings of the artist’s wrists create a smooth flow on the artwork. Artist Shaina Craft uses the human body as the subject for her amazing picturesque overlaps.

Focus on the human body is evident in the works of *Shaina Craft* and her stunning technique is showcased in oil, pastel and canvas. Her works are reminiscent of long exposure shots as well as overlapping multiple frames to create an almost abstract image out of the human form in her large scale paintings.

Artwork by Shaina Craft via Shaina Craft's website

Her projects _Experiments in Flesh_ and _Identities Like Onions_ explore the territory of the human body as a medium for magnificent imagery. Craft’s use of the human form interpreted thru overlapping images anchor the surrealist effect of the paintings. This overlapping of colors and the human shape hint an effect of fluid motion that is also reminiscent of photography stills.

Craft working in her Philadelphia studio Photo via Saatchi Online

The Philadelphia native and NYC based artist uses multiple layers of sheer color to give her paintings a signature shine to them as well as add to the visual impact of her works. Craft is now attending school at the The New York Academy of Art to earn her MFA in painting.

You can view more of her work on her website and see double as Craft takes you on a feast for the eyes.

All information used in this article were sourced from Shaina Craft's website, Saatchi Online, Visual News

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