Today in History: John Lennon Releases His Peace Anthem, Imagine (1971)


Arguably John Lennon’s greatest song, “Imagine” became the most iconic song in the late musician’s recordings. The song sparked the idea of a world without borders, life led with nothing but peace and love for all mankind.

1971 became a defining moment in John Lennon’s career. Having been dubbed as one of the world’s greatest musicians and songwriters to have ever lived, Lennon created an image of the world. Ideal is the word that best sums up the song’s message.

Album artwork for “Imagine” Photo via Fan Art

Accompanied by a simple melody, the song was received successfully by critics and listeners all over the world. Even at Lennon’s untimely death in 1980, “Imagine” continued to be an anthem for anti-war movements and pursuit of world lived through equality and love of fellow man. The song topped the Billboard 100 charts and sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide during the debut of the album. It’s amazing to know that the song that would make million’s sing their hearts out would come from a humble studio in New York City.

Photos via Sina website, Guardian

The song was inspired by Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit and Lennon admitted that he should have made arrangements to give Ono co-credit for the song.

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“Imagine” painted a life without worries of persecution and hate. It was the anti-thesis of a human world lived in material wealth, political powers and wars over beliefs and religion. It was a call to arms in a way that it encourages people to continue dreaming for a world free of strife until it becomes a reality one day. It was indeed a great musical feat to have the world singing the hymn whenever a human crisis was involved.

John Lennon’s Strawberry Field Memorial in Central Park Photo via Cognoscenti WBUR blog

It’s really hard to figure out how a simple song could display such strong philosophy and evoke emotions that people have long dreamed of. “Imagine” will continue to inspire and touch the hearts and minds of the generations to come. It’s easy if you try. No one could have said it any better than John Lennon.

All information used in this article were sourced from John Lennon website, Wikipedia

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