DIY Film Negative Lampshade

Looking for a new lamp to shine some light in your new place? Try this nice DIY lamp idea with film negatives!

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All you need for a lamp is a light bulb and some diffusion. You can accomplish this easily with film negatives and some elbow grease! Here’s how.


  • A suitable frame for your lamp shade.
  • Plenty of film negatives
  • A light bulb
  • Adhesive and scissors
  • Foam board
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  1. Prepare the frame. You can use a pre-made one or make one yourself!
  2. Figure out what goes where and where the lights and wires go in and make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Cover the sides of the frame with the film negatives.
  4. For the space at the top and bottom, cover it with foam board.
  5. Install it then flick the switch!

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