Making Memories: Man, I love College


People come and go in your life and the places you’ve been to can sometimes be too easy to pass for just another sight. But there are places and times in our lives that we feel like we’ve just seen it yesterday. College is one of them.

What better place to start than our own colleges. It’s the place where we got the sip of the things to come. It’s a place of great importance to our formative years as individuals and it’s also the place where we get to meet the people who will mostly make up our social circles in the coming years.

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Ah, that feeling of the semester break anticipation, the rush to finish your requirements. You can almost hear it calling you back again. It’s a good thing we have pictures to remind us of the good times and people that made college a significant time in our lives. It may all be a blur to you – the late nights in front of your desk, the library camping, reports, exams, gym class, everything! Of course, there are also those late night parties, epic stories with friends and unforgettable experiences that make college life complete.

We always have that college story to tell when we get together with our best buds. All we do is just get dreamy from nostalgia and teary eyed from all the laughs. These photographs from our community members keep the memories coming for a nostalgic trip back to college. Now, won’t you say you had a blast in college? These pictures sure make it look like the best of times.

This month is dedicated to #MakingMemories with Lomography. Raid your attic, blow the dust off your photo albums, and share your favorite analogue memories with the world. Scan those photos and upload them to Lomography and your social media accounts, using the tags #MakingMemories and #Lomography. It’s time to celebrate the good old days through the magic of analogue photography!

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