Dreamy Purple Seas and Candy Sand Photographs Shot Using the LomoChrome Purple


You don’t always what you aim for but sometimes you get better than you hoped. That’s one of the thrills of Lomography and it’s what makes things fun. You get surprisingly great results with every click of the shutter.

The LomoChrome Purple XR film in 35mm and 120mm formats give photos that distinct eye-popping look. True enough, you expect purple pictures but what do you do when you get more than what you bargained for? You snap more pictures, of course!

Credits: dreamseller, grazie, istionojr, fotobes, blueskyandhardrock, hoseun, lgeorge, visnelisufle & bbijlhout

Featured here are some dreamy sands and seas shot with the LomoChrome Purple! Aside from the deep purple tones and rich colors, the photos also have that dream-like feel to them. Don’t blame us if you get a serious case of eye candy fever after looking at the purple brine and cotton candy sand. As if the sea was not beautiful enough, these pictures got that extra Lomo treatment with the visual effects fit for a surrealist painting all with the help from the LomoChrome Purple.

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written by cheeo on 2013-10-07 #lifestyle #purple #beach #lomochrome

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