Influential Photographs: Pele and Bobby Moore Exchanging Jerseys at the 1970 World Cup

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The 1970 World Cup encounter between England and Brazil was set to be one for the books. Indeed, the game would be recorded in the history books not just as a heated back and forth battle between the players but because of the iconic photograph that told the story.

People who watched the game between England and Brazil in the 1970 World Cup would remember the fast paced action that was seen on the field. It was Bobby Moore’s tackle and playing prowess, Pele’s return from retirement and finally the goal that gave Brazil its win were the ingredients for a glorious headline and an exhilarating story to tell the world.

Photo by John Varley via Mirror UK

Although, it was John Varley’s photo of Pele and Moore swapping jerseys that cemented the game’s historic moment. It was a shot fit for a spot in the a collection of the most iconic photographs and a signal of goodwill among men. Varley was waiting under the blistering heat of the sun for the opportunity of the shot. It proved to be exactly what he was aiming for.

The photo was deemed to be an image that transcended racial issues back in the day and will continue to be a photo worth remembering. Brazil took home the 1970 World Cup championship and front liners Pele and Moore showed true class and sportsmanship following the heated match.

All information used in this article were sourced from Mirror UK, Telegraph, Iconic Photos blog.

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