Maykel Loomans Takes Portraits with a Hasselblad Camera at XOXO 2013


Have a look at some of the photographs user interface designer and photographer Maykel Loomans took during the second year of the XOXO Festival!

Andy McMillan, Andy Baio, Haddie Cooke, Paul Searle, and Jessica Zollman. Photos by Maykel Loomans

These photos were taken by Maykel Loomans of Instagram during the XOXO Festival 2013 held last September 19 to 22. Using a Hasselblad 503CX with a Zeiss Planar T 80mm F/2.8 lens and loaded with Kodak Porta 400 film, Loomans was able to capture photos comprised mostly of portraits, with a few shots of the conference itself.

The XOXO Festival was started by Andy Baio and Andy McMillan last year. It is described as an annual “experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology” held every September in Portland, Oregon. At the “heart” of the event are the “two days of talks from independent creators using the Internet to do what they love, and the geeks building the tools that make it possible.”

All information were sourced from the official website of XOXO. See more of Maykel Loomans’ photos from XOXO 2013 here or here.

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