Grand Palace Bangkok


Most Famous Monument In Bangkok.

If it’s something you must see in Bangkok so it’s Grand Palace. Was built in 1782 and was for many years the seat of Thailand’s king and government. Still is the spiritual center of Thailand’s kingdom. Grand Palace is a complex of many buildings and temples. The most important is

Wat Phra Kaew, where is located one of the most popular Thai relics very popular and known Emerald Buddha from the 14 century. Is strictly prohibited to take a photos inside temple, so don’t try to fate because Thai laws are very strictly. In complex is located many other monuments and temples which worth to see. Grand Palace complex is open every day until 15.30 hours and ticket is around 250Bath. It is important to follow the dress code, because this place belongs to the most sacred in Thailand. So wear long trousers and shirts, boots – no sandals.

Grand Palace is very comfy accessible with boats from the river from the boat stop Tha Chang, it’s market where you can taste Thai food specialties.

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  1. emilios
    emilios ·

    Very nice pictures! No.19 is very confusing :D

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    stouf ·

    Fabulous gallery !!! And ho ! You've got material for the 'gold' rumble here ! 8DDD

  3. lomoteddy
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    i miss bkk, so full of life... every time i come home a piece of me stays there

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