Making Memories: My Flood Proof Childhood


I live in the Philippines and we have only two seasons: blazing hot and dripping wet. We are a storm battered nation, it’s that or we roast in the sun. Well, that’s how I look at it.

The 2009 typhoon Ketsana, or infamously known as Ondoy here in the Philippines wiped out much of our family memories with massive floods that also claimed the lives of many Filipinos. It was a dark moment, I’d say. I was staying in Baguio, finishing my college degree. We got cut out by the rains, roads were closed due to frequent landslides made worse by the heavy downpour. We were still lucky, the lowlands took the brunt of the blow.

Our house was completely submerged, my family had to evacuate. My uncle told stories about how our things got washed away with the mud and flood. I got home as soon as I could. The place was a mess. I immediately looked for our family albums. The albums were bloated and the pages stuck to each other. Most pictures had warped images, as expected of a washed out print. It was sad, to say the least.

A few of my childhood friends just chilling by our gate. I was part of a sweater gang. I’m cool like that.

It’s a good thing though that there were few prints that survived the floods. As I sifted through the still sticky and mud filled prints, the memories came back gushing. I had a good childhood, you can see it in my face. My past birthdays, pictures with childhood friends, graduation ceremonies – the works. I couldn’t complain. I was just happy to see some of our pictures again.

One of our trips to Baguio. I wish I still had those pink slippers. They suit me so well.

It sparked certain memories when I was young. My parents always told me that I had good memory. I did and that was a good thing. I still remember some of my quirks when I was a kid. I always gave sloppy kisses to my parents, sometimes even sticking my tongue out while I went for their cheeks. I also have this specific memory about Skittles, I only ate the red and green ones, the other candy got left in the pack. They were sweet. The sourness made me cringe as I made faces.

One of my crazy birthday parties. You can see the excitement in my face.

I promise myself that I was going to take many pictures along with great memories. It’s something that I’d like to give to my son when he’s all grown up. Of course, I’m going to take pictures of him naked in the bath. Good thing a similar picture of mine got washed away or else I’d have to put a smiley on my wee birdy so I could post it here. Now, where’s that camera.

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