Recycle 120 Film Backing Into Cute Scroll Notes


Know what to do with your backing paper after processing your 120 film with this very simple tipster.

As a lover of anything analogue, perhaps the sight of a roll of film excites you. And maybe your friends feel the same way, too.

So what do you do with the backing paper after you’ve put all those precious film in your albums? If you ask me, I would say write on them.

I love giving my friends prints of photographs that I took. And along with those prints, I always include a note or a letter. Call me cheesy, but I just love giving them. And I enjoy writing my letters on 120 film backing paper attached to the spool to make cute scroll notes that are actually fun to receive.

Basically, what you just need is of course, your backing paper, still attached to the spool…

…and some nice colored pens. You have to take note though, if your backing paper is black, you need to use metallic pens.

Now, just jot down whatever you want to write. You might want to write as you roll down the paper.

Once finished, roll it back and seal it with the sticker.

Who would have thought that this little thing packs a lengthy letter full of love?

And there you go! Stash it in an envelope or in a box along with some lomographs, then give it to a fellow analogue lover. It makes a wonderful memorabilia!

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