Experience a Drag Show in Metro Manila in Club Mwah


Have a different clubbing experience in Metro Manila with the drag queens of Club Mwah!

At one point in your life you’ll probably want to break away from your usual hive. You’re probably tired of going to the same place, seeing the same old faces and dancing to the same music. Maybe you and your friends are just not up for mingling with anyone right now, but you want something to do on your next night out.

Well that happened to me; sort of. I just don’t want to go to the same clubs I went to with my friends. I just didn’t want to party. Then one of my friends wanted to bring me to this certain Club Mwah in Boni Avenue. I already hated the name. She tried to convince me that it’s a great show. I thought, it’s probably some comedy bar. Nope, it’s definitely not my thing.

But for her birthday, she decided to bring us to that place. I was apprehensive. And then I found out it was some sort of drag show—and wow! I’ve never heard of drag shows here in Metro Manila. So, I got a bit excited.

It was my first ever drag show experience, and it was splendid!

Credits: in-the-sky

They had numerous performances, which we enjoyed.

Credits: in-the-sky

Everything was colorful and the stage was set up nicely.

The dance floor will be open after the show.

Afterwards, it’s mostly the less young crowd who would go to the dance floor.

If drag shows are your cup of tea, then this is a great place for you! From my experience, the crowd isn’t young and if you’re looking for a place to mingle, then this is definitely not it. But if you’re just looking for entertainment, then go for it! Club Mwah is located in Boni Avenue.

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