Converting Medium Format Instant Pack Film Back Into Wet Plate


Want to delve into the awesome world of wet plate collodion but don’t have a camera for it yet? If you have a medium format camera with an instant back, then that’s all you need!

One of the daunting aspects of trying to shoot wet plate is the need for a large format camera, which is something that not everyone has. While having a large format camera isn’t required per se, it makes everything easier since you have removable film backs.

With that said, most professional medium format cameras such as Mamiyas and Hasselblads have instant film backs available, which is ripe to DIY for wet plate! Check out the video on how to do the conversion yourself. Enjoy!

written by cruzron on 2013-10-04 #videos #gear #tutorials #medium-format #tipster #fuji #instant-back #wet-plate #collodion

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