Photo Treyman: A Favorite Place For Film Lovers In Sofia, Bulgaria


A small and cozy shop in the center of Sofia, Photo Treyman, is a favorite place for photographers, especially for film lovers. Classic black and white photography, manual development processes, and old cameras are highly valued here. A picture of the month will await you in a humble little photo gallery, so don’t be afraid to come in and take a look. Workshops, courses, and various kinds of exhibitions from the world of analogue and digital photography are conducted in the basement of the shop.

This time we interviewed Nikolay, the owner of Photo Treyman:

Which one is your favourite Lomography camera and why?

The Spinner 360° — it looks like a camera, used by the hero of the movie “Palermo Shooting.”

What’s the weirdest Lomographic moment you’ve ever had?

We take pictures with Lomography cameras, me — a professional photographer — and my five-year-old daughter. Her photos are better.

What is the nerdiest question you’ve ever been asked in your shop?

Do you sell cameras in ecru color?

Where is the best place to shoot some Lomographic masterpieces in your city?

Definitely on the street where the people, trams, cars, traffic are.

Photo Treyman
Graf Ignatieff 74 str.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 20.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00
Sunday: 13.00 – 17.00

Photo Treyman Website

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    Cool. I love that place.

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