The LC-Wide Race Profiles: Team Asia

2013-10-05 2

It’s time to go further the world as we head on to Asia for our LC-Wide Race. Four different countries under one specific continent? Sounds great to me!

It has been a crazy ride but we’re finally here to introduce you our five racers from Team Asia of The LC-Wide Race. Come on and get to know our five Lomographers below!

1. Amy Tam or amytam

Credits: amytam

Born in Hong Kong but has been residing in Auckland, New Zealand for the past twenty years, Amy first started analogue photography during high school but have taken a few years off while she was concentrating with her university degree. It was in 2009 when her partner decided to give her a Lomography Supersampler for Valentine’s Day in which she re-picked it as a hobby. She says, “the Lomography Society has taught me alot and I began to understand that photography does not have to be serious. It can be fun and experimental and it can be full of coincidence and surprises.”

2. Camille Ang or thetstranger13

Credits: thestranger13

Camille is a 22-year old fresh graduate from sunny Singapore who aside from playing sports and creating exciting food/travel adventures, is admittedly addicted to analogue photography. Her love for film sparked when the LC-Wide caught her eyes and joined her collection of analogue cameras. Since then she has been walking entirely on films. She believes that the LC-Wide Race “will only fuel my passion and addiction for it, but will keep me going back for more.”

3. Gladys Chan or gladys

Credits: gladys

Coming from Petaling Jaya in Malaysia, Gladys claims to be “a true believer of randomness” which is very appropriate not only for film photography but for the LC-Wide Race as well. With a sweet line of Lomographic cameras in her shelf, Gladys is in for lots of Lomographic fun.

4. Adi Prakarsa or adi_totp

Credits: adi_totp

Coming from Indonesia, Adi is always actively testing out his Lomography cameras. The Lomography “virus” that he caught was from a friend’s influence back in 2007 in which a Fisheye No. 2 was introduced to him. “I just can’t imagine my life without Lomography," Adi admits. Well, he’s called “The Lens Licker” for that!

5. Andaru “Bebop” Waskito or bebopbebop

Credits: adi_totp & bebopbebop

22 years old and from Bandung, Indonesia, Bebop is currently studying textile craft and design. Besides Lomography, Bebop also plays basketball and the ukulele. He also coaches women’s basketball in his faculty sometimes. He decided to join the LC-Wide Race “because I think that this race will be a nice experience for me. I am eager to learn about the maximum potential of my camera plus I love to travel. I hope I will be able to explore some new places with my LC-Wide.”

And that wraps up our LC-Wide Race Profiles! We’re getting closer and closer to the competition but for the meantime, you can read more about the LC-Wide Race in these links:

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