Ten Travel Photography Tips

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In this article you can find very simple rules that you can apply with your film cameras whenever you’re on off the beaten path. More fun travel tips and photos after the jump.

How do you make travel photography interesting and timeless? For me, there are ten simple rules to follow but you will sometimes have to break. Just remember to bring along your favorite camera and some film!

Credits: sirio174

Rule 1: Patience and concentration.

Use a classic camera (rangefinder or SLR) and a black and white film. B/W is timeless, and the absence of color tones force you to concentrate on the composition. Here you can see some photos taken in Venice, Burano and Torcello with my Praktica SLR camera! To take these photos, I looked for some street corners rarely visited by tourists because I wanted to concentrate on the awesome architecture of this city. Be careful about composition and trying different focal lenses. Also, wait until there are no (or few) people around!

Credits: sirio174

Rule 2: Tell a story with a sequence of images.

Forget the first rule and concentrate on the people. Tell their story with the things they do in a series of photos like in this sequence of water fitness taken in a camping! This rule is great when the place has little space for architectural or artistic (example: sculptures) photos. I used the black and white because fun with the water is timeless!

Credits: sirio174

Rule 3: Look around for interesting subjects.

When I saw this “four legged” taxi I quickly took a photo with my SLR camera. Always walk with your camera around your neck since there are many opportunities for a candid photo especially in the tourist spot or season.

Credits: sirio174

Rule 4: Keep the details in mind.

In the first photo you can see a local fishing boat in Camogli, a typical medieval village of Liguria where the fish is still drawn out using home made nets. In the second image you can see some local products of Erice, a small town in Sicily.

Credits: sirio174

Rule 5: Use an unusual camera.

In this case I used the awesome Sprocket Rocket to take a photo of the beach in Noli, another small town in Liguria (Italy) where you can find a (rare!) public beach! It is a joy to sunbathe in this place and the panoramic format of the Sprocket Rocket was great for the horizontal shot in this small but delightful place!

Credits: sirio174

Rule 6: Use a Lomography film and crossprocess.

The Casino of Monte Carlo is photographed by millions of tourists and hundreds of professionals annually. But crossprocessing and/or using a particular film (e.g. a LomoChrome or Tungsten film) can make your picture pop from the rest!

Credits: sirio174

Rule 7: Take a look at the “animal planet” around you!

This group of goats that passed through the streets of Zermatt, or the single goat in the second picture, are a classic image from Switzerland. The place is also a cultural spot where ancient works and traditions can still be seen today.

Credits: sirio174

Rule 8: Use unusual perspectives.

Sometimes we take photos of churches and building in the usual way: putting ourselves in front of the building. In these photos of the Genoa Cathedral, taken with my trusty Lomo LC-A camera, I chose a different perspective and got interesting results.

Credits: sirio174

Rule 9: Take some photos of the local food!

Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are Sicilian food stape. They won’t be missing from my albums dedicated to my my travels in Sicily!

Credits: sirio174

Rule 10: Take photos even in difficult conditions!

These photos of a volcano eruption (the Etna Volcano in Sicily) were taken from inside of a bus. Despite the bad image quality from the dirty windows and reflections, these photos are a pleasant souvenir from my trip! It isn’t always everyday that you come by a volcanic eruption!

Lastly but not strictly a rule… have fun!

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  1. wesco
    wesco ·

    Good tips and great photos, carefully compositioned as always! I recognized the small canals of the isle of Burano, which we visited in the summer.

  2. fotohelmut
    fotohelmut ·

    A very interesting and worth reading article. The pictures are beautiful and show the joy of photographing very clear.

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