Doubles With You: Guanatos and Tonantzin's Swap with Tonantzin

2013-10-04 2

Their countries may be mountains and seas apart but that doesn’t mean they can’t exchange ideas and films to be able to create a magical analogue result!

Yes, we’re back for another Doubles With You feature and this time we’re here to show you the magnificent work of LomoHomes guanatos from Spain and tonantzin from Taipei!

It was a classic clash between Mario Ferrer aka guanatos’ LC-A+ Silver Lake and Aurélie Morgenthaler aka tonantzin’s LC-Wide which as luck may have it, was her first time to use! They agreed to use a roll of Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 in 35mm which came from Mario’s “super-secret stash.” Hah, amazing!

Credits: guanatos

Now let’s find more about this doubles project in our interview below.

What did you take pictures of and where?

Mario Ferrer (MF): I spent a few days hunting for textures throughout Barcelona; streets, buildings, walls, gardens — a little bit of everything!

Aurélie Morgenthaler (AM): I took all the supposed-to-be silhouettes. A friend of mine helped me, she was my model. We went on my rooftop and we shot all the roll. It’s rainy season here so we HAD to enjoy this rare sunny day. Haha.

Credits: guanatos

Did you and your film swap partner talked about a theme for this film swap? Why or why not?

MF: Yes, we talked about doing silhouettes with textures. It was an idea we both liked and thought it could come out nice but the results were not quite that . . .

AM: Yes, we talked about the theme before. We decided that he would shoot textures and that I would do the silhouettes. I think we were both very interested in trying some silhouettes and that’s why we decided to follow a theme and not just shoot randomly.

What do you think about this film swap’s results?

MF: I think they’re a “happy accident." It has nothing to do with what I expected but they came out great!

AM: Even if I failed the silhouettes, I think the results are awesome! I was totally not expecting this (and I actually didn’t know what to expect from my photos) but all the Lomographs are so cool and colourful! I love the texture effect on some photos, like this one :

Credits: tonantzin

The first one looks like her legs are made of stones! Or the second one where the head is in the perfect place!

Please share us your favourite photo from the film swap. Why that one?

MF: This is my favorite one because the colors are amazing! They just POP and you can also see a very distinctive part of Barcelona’s streets.

Credits: guanatos

AM: It’s hard to pick just one but I think this one is my favourite. It looks like my friend is about to jump in the window.

Credits: tonantzin

Any funny or strange occurrences during this film swap?

MF: Yes! I finished my part [during the] day I was walking around with my wife and kid. When she realized I was stopping all the time to shoot streets and walls and stuff like that, she turned and asked me “What the hell are you shooting?” I explained it was [for a] swap and I wanted textures. She just rolled her eyes, sighed and said, “Follow me." She took me to this narrow street where I got the most amazing textures for the swap. It was like and old little town in the middle of the big city — it was amazing!

AM: When I was shooting, I was just thinking “I really hope I’m doing it well because if I fail, I won’t know what I did wrong.” Haha. Before I started shooting, I asked some people "How do I shoot silhouettes?” I had an idea but I wanted to be sure. So I did what they told me and even if the result is not what I was trying to do, I totally love them!

And sometimes, we had to do breaks because some clouds were covering the sun! It was a very good shooting experience and we had fun! :)

Credits: guanatos

Would you like to do more film swaps soon? Anyone in mind? Or a theme maybe?

MF: Yes, I’d love to! I’m slow at getting them done but I’d like to do a Splitzer swap with someone in a completely different country and culture. Not sure about the theme though . . .

AM: I would definitely love to do more swaps! But first, I have to shoot the roll for our second swap (and one for blueskyandhardrock) then I’d like to try with someone else.

I’d love to work with hodachrome, vicuna, grazie, atria007, mafiosa, adi-totp, albeelee, and the list is quite long. There are so many awesome photographers in this Community and I’d like to work with many of them. So if anyone is interested, I’m here! :D

Credits: guanatos

With all these lovely Lomographs, no one would really care if they didn’t turn out how these Lomographers originally wanted them to be. They are just stunning and we’d love to see more! Thank you Mario and Aurélie, until our next Doubles With You!

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  1. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Heyyy @guanatos and @tonantzin, thank you for this interview! Really enjoyed working on it. Cheers! :)

  2. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    Wow! thanks @mayeemayee thsi made my day :)
    thanks @tonantzin too for making this happen :)

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