Memories and Visual Tales by Ian Tuttle


If there is one simple and elementary thing that can be said about Ian Tuttle’s photos, it’s that they are memorable. These are the type of photos that make you stare, and even tilt your head, expecting a tale behind every image.

Photo by Ian Tuttle

Looking at Ian Tuttle’s work is like intercepting a private memory, being a part of whatever it is that transpired when the photo was taken or at least, brewing a wanton yearning to learn the story behind it.

As a portrait and fine art photographer, Tuttle creates memories and rich visual tales through his photographs. It’s as if he never misses a moment, and encapsulates each moment perfectly. He seems to have mastered Magnum Photographer Henri Cartier Bresson’s teachings about The Decisive Moment. The “creative fraction of a second” and the preferred capability of a photographer’s eye to “see a composition or an expression that life itself offers,” as well as the “intuition when to click the camera” are manifested in Tuttle’s work.

Silence, please. Here are more of Ian Tuttle’s photographs, shot on film.

Photos by Ian Tuttle

Based in San Francisco, Ian Tuttle has had more than a dozen exhibits and his work published on a handful of publications, such as The Irish Times, Films and Grains, FourCornersDark and My First Time. In 2011, _StretchyHead,_ a book of short stories that he wrote, was published.

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