Then and Now: Making Postcards of Picture-Perfect Places and More


We all know how postcards these days are made through different ways, but of course, some things will never change — like how beautiful photos of picturesque places will always be what postcards are made of!

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Postcards have been around for as early as 1898, when the US Congress passed the Private Mailing Card Act, allowing private publishers to make postcards through the photochrom process. The prints were essentially colorized images produced from black-and-white negatives. Mailing a postcard back in the days would only cost you a cent each.

Fortunately for us, postcard makers chose historic landmarks, busy street scenes, places of interest, and beautiful buildings of their time to photograph and turn into postcards. For avid postcard collectors, these are more than just vintage collectibles — they’re slices of history in miniature artwork form.

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Today, printing innovations allow practically everyone to make postcards out of almost anything — photos, artworks, drawings, illustrations, to name a few. Those of us who have a passion for making everything nice and crafty even make our own handmade postcards out of our own lomographs!

Here in Lomography, we’re all artists, travelers, and story-tellers in our own right. So, if you’ve taken some postcard-worthy photos of some postcard-perfect places, why don’t you turn those into some nice postcards made with love and send them out to your friends!

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