Myriam Dion’s Delicate Lace-Like Newspaper Art


Canadian artist Myriam Dion transforms dailies into beautiful pieces of paper art!

You can recycle old newspapers, create origami with them, or even use them as wrapping papers of some sort. But for Dion, newspapers can be manipulated to look like lace! Using only an X-Acto knife, a stack of newspapers, keen eyesight, and a creative mind, Dion painstakingly cuts patterns through the papers and transforms an otherwise serious page into a beautiful work of art. At first glance, you might even think that what you’re looking at are fine embroidered materials!

‘Lace Newspapers.’ Photos via Myriam Dion

Currently, Dion is taking up her Masters Degree in Visual and Media Arts at the University of Quebec.

All information were sourced from This is Colossal, The Jealous Curator, and Make: Craft. Click here to view Myriam Dion’s portfolio!

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