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One look at the stunning photos taken using the Aerochrome, Kodak’s false-color infrared film, is enough to drive every lomographer to scour every nook and cranny in search of this legendary emulsion. Read on to find out more about Kodak Aerochrome in this installment of Lomopedia!

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Originally designed for aerial photography, the Kodak Aerochrome III Infrared Film 1443 was an infrared-sensitive false-color film used for various scientific and industrial disciplines, such as cartography (map-making), infrared astronomy, and military applications.

It basically had the same color sensitive layer as the Kodak Ektachrome Infrared EIR film (which was available in 135 format but discontinued in 2007), but was only available in 70mm format in bulk (400 ft) for aerial camera use. However, according to this review by larslau infrared film lover Dean Bennici did the laborious work of cutting Aerochrome bulk rolls into 120 format rolls so his fellow photographers could have a taste of this amazing film. Kodak discontinued the Aerochrome in 2009, which made it an even rarer emulsion, hunted down by many photographers to this day.

The diagram below from Kodak's Technical Information Sheet presents an example of how colors are falsely rendered on the Aerochrome Infrared Film, depending on the filters used:

Lomographer lazybuddha has written an extensive guide on how to expose, obtain your desired false-color rendering, and process the Aerochrome film. Head over to Making the Most of Kodak Aerochrome to find out more!

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All information for this article were sourced from Kodak, The Phoblographer and Infrared Photography on Wikipedia.

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    Let's hope that Lomography will bring an imitation of this film back as the LomoChrome Aero soon...

  3. rbruce63
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    It's still available albeit, at onerous prices! It could also be stored wrongly and upon development it could be damaged. E-6 is the process of choice, however it could be done in C-41 and preferably in AR-5 which is almost non-existent today!

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    lovely colors

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    Now that lomography are in the business of film production (i.e. Purple LomoChrome) it doesn't seem like too much of a leap to this wonderful film. Fingers crossed everyone!

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