Then and Now: Mark Szulgit Recreates Edvard Munch’s ‘Girls on the Bridge’ and ‘The Scream’ Through Ice Sculptures


US-based architect and designer Mark Szulgit gives these Munch classics an eerie spin!

Photos via Edvard Munch Biography, Paintings, Quotes

“Girls on the Bridge” and “The Scream” are two of the most renowned works by the late Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The former was created in 1899 and depicted young women standing before the railing of a bridge while looking at the fjord below. “The Scream,” on the other hand, was an earlier work created in 1893. Unlike the straightforwardness of the “Girls on the Bridge,” this painting was inspired by something Munch had “sensed” – “a scream passing through nature” – while walking along a path between the city and the fjord.

More than a hundred years later, these classics were reinterpreted by Mark Szulgist in the public sculpture commission called “Munch in Snow and Ice,” a collaboration with Brooke Erdman in Oslo, Norway in 2011.

Szulgist’s “Girls on the Bridge” was composed of about 13 headless sculptures of women standing on an icy makeshift bridge located in front of the Royal Palace. During daytime the installation might look not that interesting, but it’s an entirely different story come nightfall when the figures glow a bluish-green color!

Photos via Mark Szulgit’s website

On the other hand, Szulgit interpreted “The Scream” by carving the painting’s famous subject on tall blocks of ice. These, too, glowed at night!

Photos via Mark Szulgit’s website

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