Fort City of Manila


Enter the walls of Intramuros, the city within a city. It remains a monumental, if ruined, relic of the Spanish period in Philippine history.

Most Filipinos visit this site during a school field trip. One of the reasons why I love lomography is that it makes me really interested and reconnected with places/things I’ve taken for granted such as this beautiful walled city! So armed with my Holga, I went to Intramuros and toured the city by foot, under the hot hot heat of the sun. It was definitely an adventure I would never thought I would enjoy 10 years ago. I was just amazed by its rich history and its beauty!

Aside from the ruins and the old buildings there are other elements in this walled city that can be captured! I especially enjoyed taking pictures of the people hanging out, the vendors and the children. Animals were also a favorite! There were cats lounging around and horses that waited to pull the carriages.

This spot is awesome during the day and night! Definitely bring a bottle of water while going around though, because a roundtrip tour will take at least 3 hours!

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    Love N°6 ! Wasn't this already posted before ?

  2. ak47lomogurl
    ak47lomogurl ·

    Yep! This is a double post. I accidentally submitted this before I could upload all the picture so I resent the completed one (which was already published last month!)

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    lomographer was here

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