Why the LomoChrome Purple 120 Film Is Purple Gold


When you shoot with the LomoChrome Purple 120 films you enter an alternate reality – a magical purple world.

The power of imagination is strongest in children and lessens over the years. (Was your youth magical? Share your photos and stories with us here).

The rare LomoChrome Purple 120 rolls, developed by alchemists during the dawn of the last century, has been proven to contain imagination strengthening properties. So, the more we shoot with our medium format cameras loaded with these bars of purple gold, the more susceptible we are to imagining.

We only have a limited quantity of the rare LomoChrome Purple 120 rolls from our treasure trove that we’re able to distribute to our greatest of fans shortly after the New Year.

We’re keeping a couple at our Lomography Laboratories somewhere in Russia where we’re attempting to recreate the alchemists’ combination of elements that brought the LomoChrome Purple 120 to life almost a century ago. Stay tuned.

Images via mochilis

LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 120 Pack of 15
LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 120 Pack of 10
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