Making Memories: Satisfy Your Wanderlust with Film


Travelling is a fun thing to do. Admit it. And sometimes, you just don’t want to go home.

You just want to stay there and be one with the locals and create a new life. But sadly, not everyone can just drop everything and head out into the fold. They just stick to travelling.

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Travelling lets you see new places, meet new people and breathe in the excitement of a new environment. You get to make lasting memories during those trips and carry them by heart from one destination to the next. But there’s always this one trip that make it all so memorable and make you wish you get to do it again.

And that’s what you should take advantage of. Capture those memorable trips on film and share the memories with others who have that same wanderlust. It gets addictive and soon enough you’ll be taking photo after photo of your most memorable trips. Who knows, you might be able to create a detailed map with the photographs of every place you’ve visited.

They’ll be nothing but good times immortalized in prints. In the end, you’ll be all like Remember that one time? to your buddies and just give out a sigh of contentment you got those pictures for remembrance.

If you’re sharing your old analogue photos via Facebook or Twitter, remember to tag them with #MakingMemories and #Lomography. This is important so that we can easily revisit our memories in just a click. Help us build an archive of analogue memories, start browsing through your old photo archives now!

written by cheeo on 2013-10-02 #lifestyle #travel #memories #analogue-photography #analogue-cameras

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