Film Photography by Mariam Sitchinava


It’s interesting to know that a 24-year old photographer who’s been in the business for about a mere four years is behind all these beautiful analogue photographs that could rival some of today’s more seasoned photographers.

Mariam Sitchinava is a fashion and portrait film photographer from Tbilisi, Georgia. On her website, Mariam wrote that she started dabbling in photography “without any formal education” in 2009. In her interviews with Positive Magazine and Shooting Film, she shared that she shoots mostly with Soviet cameras. Her portfolio boasts of hundreds of photos, the majority of which feature nature and women as subjects.

Photos by Mariam Sitchinava via Mariam Sitchinava Photography

Over the last few years, Mariam has been tapped to do some commercial work by several fashion brands to shoot for them, including Vaudeville & Burlesque, Twisty Parallel Universe, and Urban Outfitters. She has also shot for the New York Magazine, and has released her own book called Deep Moods.

All information in this article were sourced from Mariam Sitchinava Photography, Positive Magazine, and Shooting Film. To see more of her work, you may head over to her online portfolio here or to her Flickr photostream here.

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