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If there’s one thing he has to be thankful for in this Community, then it is the opportunity to build a character and style when it comes to taking film photographs. And that, we think, is very important!

One look and you know that it is his work you are viewing; very distinct, colourful, and definitely speaks his personality as a film photographer all in all. He may be a bit timid but his Lomographs speak for himself and that is quite enough for a talented lad like him. We’re just glad we were able to conduct an interview with this man from Japan! Ladies and gentlemen, come on and read hodachrome's LomoDiary!

Name: Hodaka Yamamoto
Lomography Username: hodachrome
Location: Gifu, Japan
Number of years as a Lomographer: About 7 years
Number of years in the Community: 3 years

Please tell us something about yourself. What are your interests? What do you do for a living?

My name is hodachrome. I’m a photographer and designer. My main shooting themes are beautiful Japanese scenery throughout the four seasons and making unique works using multiple exposures.

Kindly relate to us any memorable experience you’ve had in relation to Lomography.

So far, I have met with some Community members like gocchin and catfordst who are nice friends of mine in Japan. They are wonderful photographers who are creative and expressive.

Some film swaps he had with fotobes.

It was very significant for me when I had the chance to meet gocchin. His large-scaled, dynamic, and well-elaborated works, which cover all over the world are always stunning to me. I believe we have a good relationship that always gives a strong stimulus to each other. In regards to the person who I have met through Lomography, it was a wonderful experience to meet a great photographer like fotobes from UK. His skills and sense in photography are amazing and I have learned much from him.

It is certain that Lomography has been playing important parts in my photography life. Since I’ve discovered Lomography, my photo style, which had long been boring and banal, has dramatically changed into a creative one.

Credits: hodachrome

Please tell us a story in which Lomography or the Lomographic Community has been a great part of. We’ll be glad to hear it.

When I joined the Lomographic Community around three (3) years ago, I haven’t established my own photo style yet and have just been trying various kinds of photography, both in analogue and digital. It is like the days of “grop[ing] in the dark." In midst of the days I have seen many interesting photos from the Community and was able to build my own style. I was especially shocked by the works of a great photographer, mephisto19 — his multiple exposures, ideas, and skills when it comes to photography are outstanding and broke the stiff “shell” in my mind.

We see you have a very unique style when it comes to your Lomographs. Your splitzed and cross-processed Lomographs are all very good! Did it take you a lot of time to practice and perfect this?

Multiple-exposure, particularly created with the Splitzer and cross-processing, are both essential to the core of my Lomographic style. In regards to the Splitzer, I use it heavily to create my "no-gravity looking” multiple works. Cross-process is also important for me to be able to give fantastic and dreamy colors plus tones into pictures. It takes me a lot of time and practice to reach perfection as much as possible. Particularly about the Splitzer, as the LC-A has a peculiar parallax so unless we don’t get used to it we are not able to create symmetrical works as expected. Besides, it is not easy to get the well-balanced exposure each time. I often need to try the same shots several times at the same spot to get the best one among them.

One look at these Lomographs and you know they are by Hodaka!

What’s one thing in Lomography that you haven’t done and want to do in the future?

I have some things that I haven’t tried and really want to in the future. The most attractive thing will be “color infrared photography.” Though it is not easy to purchase these kind of films, I will still try it someday. Hope LSI will sell it! (And now we have the LomoChrome Purple!) It will surely create many fantastic multiple works!

What’s the least favourite Lomograph you’ve taken? The one that you think is a “failure?”

I think I have more failed photos compared to others. Although I haven’t shared much of them in my LomoHome, it will be this:

I took this photo at a famous cherry blossom spot in Japan but it seems like the cherry blossoms, which have tender and faint pinkish tones, didn’t fit well with the high-contrasted cross process. The colors and tones of the petals were lost and turned out just white. I found out that there are some cases when Japan’s delicate and calm nature will fit the soft tones of negative films rather than cross processing. I feel sorry to those who gave likes to this photo because I don’t like it so much.

Any future plans you have that you will let Lomography play a part?

I do not have a certain plan yet but I think that it will be wonderful if I can link Lomography more with “commercial photos." I have once taken some Lomographs using the LC-A for a famous jewerly brand before and they were used in a fashion magazine as advertisement. I then realized that Lomography/analogue photography matches well with the sophisticated fashion world. Some people might think that analogue photography is old-fashioned, but the photos that I have tooked looked so fashionable.

Hodaka can definitely dwell into fashion film photography, don’t you think?

Please share a song or a movie that has made an impact in your personal life. Why this?

It’s a movie entitled Bagdad Café. The location of the movie is not so beautiful actually but the movie made me feel otherwise. I think that it is applicable to photography because even if our daily lives are not that beautiful, we are still able to show it in a very lovely way through the means of a camera.

✘ Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VdvbgW3YOVM

Here are five Lomographs handpicked by Hodaka, all which best narrates his stunning LomoDiary.

Credits: hodachrome

Dolphin Sky: My [Lomographic] representative and most favorited work last year. All my favorite themes such as doubles, cross-process, dolphins, and ferris wheels are in it.

Credits: hodachrome

Highway Sparkling: First Lomograph that made me feel my efforts are certainly rewarded.

Credits: hodachrome

Scrappy: I want to thank the God of photography for showing me this subject.

Credits: hodachrome

Both sides of the daily life: The photo of “concentration and patience."

Credits: hodachrome

Inceptional: Simple and original. My photo style might have improved after capturing this.

Now, ain’t that a wonderful LomoDiary? We sure loved Hodaka’s thoughts matched with stunning Lomographs! Thank you, hodachrome! Want more? Then click here for more LomoDiary interviews. Cheers!

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