Our Lady of Graces, in Utelle (Vésubie Valley), France


Not far from Nice, perched at an altitude of 1175 metres, visit the sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces.

Situated at an altitude of 1175 metres, in the back-country of Nice, just up from the village of Utelle, the chapel was founded in about 880 and rebuilt in 1806. The surrounding slopes are littered with small marine fossils known “stars” in the region, in connection with the legend of the place.

Our Lady of Graces is said to have lit up the mountain overlooking the Bay of Angels (Nice) thus saving Spanish sailors from a storm. Today only an hour’s drive from the Riviera (via N202), Utelle celebrates the Virgin Mary on Assumption Day (15th August), her birthday (8 September) and the Immaculate Conception (8 December). 

You can rest at the hôtel, eat at the restaurant, and buy honey, cakes made in monasteries, wine and other local specialties at the catholic shop.

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