Introducing The Diana F+ Instant 55mm Camera!


Take it with you wherever you go and start shooting dream-like photos in an instant! The new Diana F+ Instant Camera shoots fantastic instant photos on the widely available Fuji Instax Mini Film. It has everything you need to immediately enjoy the Diana F+’s splendour straight out of the box.

Credits: atria007, pearlgirl77, hspada & sugiyamasatomi

Capture Diana radiance in your Instants

Prized for its lovely, soft-focused snapshots, the Diana F+ Instant Camera will turn your everyday spontaneous moments into charming instant memories that you’ll cherish forever.

This special package includes a close-up attachment Lens that is ideal for radiant instant portraits! In the mood for square photos? The kit has a standard back for when you wish to shoot classic medium-format. Want to try pinhole photography? Just take the lens off and use the pinhole mode.

The Diana F+ Instant Camera is also compatible with all Diana F+ Lenses and Accessories for even more creative flexibility. It’s the ideal choice for the upcoming holidays and your party snapshots will definitely look like no other!

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written by shhquiet on 2013-10-02 #news #instant-photography #diana-f #diana-f-instant-55mm-camera

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