City Space: A Personal Expression with Contrast, Light and Shadow by Clarissa Bonet


Experience and roots provide a varied interpretation of the world for everyone. For photographer Clarissa Bonet, it is the sunny landscapes of Florida and the slicked out city scene of Chicago that made all the difference.

Hailing from a place quite different from her workplace now, Florida native *Clarissa Bonet* was more than surprised with her experience of living in a busy city. The fine lines of the architecture, the skyline filled with towering buildings and the shadows of the train system all seemed different to her. This is where Bonet drew the inspiration for her series City Space. She used medium format film to capture the essence of the Chicago urban scene where she is currently based.

City Space by Clarissa Bonet via Clarissa Bonet website

Bonet wanted to feature the side of the city and its usual happenings and transform them into a psychological journey of someone who’s just beginning to familiarize himself with the whole blur of moving into the urban environment. She said that the series was not a mere recreation of daily events but a personal interpretation of the urban landscape which she herself had witnessed.

Evident in the series are the deep shadows and the stark presentation of light that usually cuts pictures into segments for a framing effect. The daily life in the urban city is also captured and given new light from a different perspective – playing with color, depth and space as instruments. The juxtaposition of people and their environment was intensified by the cutting line made by shadows and peering light.

Every little detail comes into play in Bonet’s photographs. Patterns are evident, colors are muted and kept to a minimum and the shadows are placed in the right places to evoke a certain mood and feel to the whole series.

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