Fuji Superia Xtra (35mm, 400 Iso) - One of the Best Color Negatives I've Ever Tried


This film is really worth its title. Maybe it deserves an even better one. Find out why after the jump.

Fuji Superia Xtra (35mm, 400ISO) is one of the best 400 ISO color negatives I’ve ever used. It is a very good film to use during the day but it reveals its full potential during the night.

With the Superia Xtra overexposed a bit during the day, you will get fabulous light bluish tones. It almost has an x-pro look. Or if you need to shoot a moving subject during the day this film is perfect for that but reveals it’s true potential at night. You can achieve amazingly rich colors like purple, blue, orange, green, red and yellow especially under strong spotlights. And I’m talking about solid, bright and vivid colors. Despite its tendency to produce blue/purple tones, the other colors won’t fade away. You can always count on having amazing colors on your prints.

The first time I’ve used it in a concert, I was left speechless with the results. The film captured the concert’s true colors. From all the films I’ve used in the same condition, Superia Xtra400 is, by miles, the best!

I’m a huge fan of slide film but Fuji Superia Xtra 400 is the only color negative film to enter my top five films. In fact, the first place belongs to Fuji Velvia slide film and Fuji Superia Xtra comes right after. I’ll tell you, if I had to choose just only one film to use for the rest of my life, this would be the one.

It may sound a bit too much but I’m being totally honest about this one. When I want a reliable film that delivers good shots day or night, this is the only film I know that won’t disappoint me.

This film is perfect to use with my Cosina CX-1, it never fails me. I’m 100% sure that the combination between these two will always deliver amazing and sharp shots with vibrant colors without compromising speed.

If you have the need for speed (and quality) Fuji Superia Xtra is your film. It’s easy to use, it’s cheap, easy to find and it delivers high quality photos in almost all light conditions.

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    @nawtsrs Those pics were shot with a Cosina CX-1, you cant choose aperture and speed. Thanks.

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