Nostalgic Photos Reminiscent of Childhood

2013-10-01 1

Ah, what fun it must be to be a kid again!

There are memories that each of us hold dear, but perhaps not as fond as those of our childhood – those carefree days when we just play and lounge around all day, still learning about the wonderful world around us. Don’t you just wish we can go back in time so we can relive those days? That would be impossible, of course! But then again, we can always pull our photo albums from our shelves and reminisce about the good ol’ days.

Or better yet, we can take our cameras out and have fun taking random photos that remind us of our childhood, or even hold a full-blown childhood-themed photo shoot! Just like what some of our community members did!

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written by chooolss on 2013-10-01 #lifestyle #childhood #childhood-memories #makingmemories

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