My First Lomo Affair: Stephanplynch and His Fisheye Baby 110

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35mm — that’s the film format we usually acquaint ourselves with first. It’s an easy-go-to for film photography beginners, it’s usual, it’s convenient.

120mm and 110mm film usually comes in the mid-part of our film photography journey. It’s when we are curiouser and more eager to discover and try new things. But for LomoHome stephanplynch, diving into the 110mm craze is what made him fully join the wonderful world of analogue.

It’s his first Lomo Affair and he’s here to tell us all about it!

Credits: stephanplynch

Name:Stephan Lynch
LomoHome: stephanplynch
Location: Perth, Australia

My first Lomo affair started when I purchased a Fisheye Baby 110 in Perth in Australia for my trip to Canada/ USA during late 2012. Together we explored and captured the beautiful sites of Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls, New York, and Orlando. It was my only photographic companion when I had the unfortunate yet memorable experience of being trapped in NYC as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Shots from Orlando, New York, Montreal and Toronto.

The loss of power in Lower Manhattan meant my digital devices (camera, tablet, and mobile) had little to no juice left to capture the events but my ‘isheye Baby’kept pushing along. The camera has now since been retired to my box of souvenirs from the trip and i have now upgraded to its big brother which is the Fisheye No. 2!

Surviving Hurricane Sandy with the Fisheye Baby 110.

It’s sad to know that his Fisheye Baby 110 decided to resign but tears no more for it sure was a great ride! Thanks for sharing your one of a kind story, Stephan. And until our next My Lomo Affair!

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    Heyyy @stephanplynch! Great story and thank you for this! :)

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